NetDania Markets ApS

Company information

Name of the company.
NetDania Markets ApS
Address of the company.
Bredgade 30, 1
København K
Home country of the company.
Home country
The CVR (Central Business Register) number of the company. The link will take you to additional information at The Central Business Register's website.
CVR (Central Business Register)
A unique ID assigned to the company by the Danish FSA.
The date of registration by the Danish FSA.
Date of registration at Danish FSA
The division in the Danish FSA which is responsible for the supervision of/gives permits to the company.
Responsible Division in Danish FSA
Consumer Affairs and Financial Intermediaries Division
The company type.
Type of financial business
Investment advisory companies
The sector which the company refers to.
Business area
Investment company area

Modes of presence in Denmark

Danish company

The statutory authority the company is subject to.
Act on financial advisers, investment advisers and mortage credit intermediaries
The supervisory authority that has supervision of the company.
Statutory authority
The Danish Financial Services Authority
Here you see the different types of permits that the company has, different types of activities the company may perform or type of holding company.
Permits (Investment advisory companies)
  • 10/13/2015
    • B4, Part A, 5): Investment advice